Angels Bleed Black

by 3 Kisses

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State of the Art by METAL NEXUS

3 Kisses. Where the hell do you start describing a band that has been around since January 2004, performed thousands of shows, has nine albums under their belts, been in endless music magazines, on countless radio stations, been on ABC’s “Wife Swap”, had their own reality show, been featured in numerous commercials, video games, movies and TV shows (including the 2014 Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards; Restaurant Impossible; Diners, Drive Ins & Dives; Dallas Card Sharks; Disaster Decks; Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare; Sonic Boom; Lifetime movies, and Hot Wheelsspots), had songs in the Top 15 by Rock Solid Preasure, is currently rated #1 for Alaskan Alternative Music onReverbNation, heavily supports breast cancer research through the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure and theAmerican Cancer Society and been inducted into the Independent Artist Registry? I honestly don’t know, but let’s give it a shot. Here we go…

Fronted by wild woman, Tish Meeks, 3 Kisses is a Punk/Rock/Hard Rock/Alternative/Pop (in that order, in my humble opinion) band that calls Wasilla, Alaska home after moving the outfit from Austin, TX. Often being called “A Ball of Fire”, I guess TX just couldn’t take the heat from the sun and Tish Meeks at the same time. But I digress. This band is a serious player in Alaska’s musical landscape. Hard hitting and fast, like a Punk band should be; catchy, shred guitar riffs like any good, 80’s style Rock band; complex, well developed song writing of modern Alternative Rock bands; impassioned and thoughtful lyrics with just enough sarcastic angst to keep things interesting without ruining 3 Kisses,over-the-top “fun factor” are but a few of the trademarks that make 3 Kisses so special. The party definitely starts at their front door, wherever that front door may be when they are performing. That does not mean to say that they are some shallow, bubble-gum BS band though. 3 Kisses hits as hard as Joan Jett, Green Day or The Ramones with the sarcastic playfulness of say, Pink or Avril Lavigne.

Musically, 3 Kisses has a plethora of talent to pull from. Current members include: the charismatic Tish Meeks (of course) on vocals/guitar, Andrew Owens shredding up the guitars, bassist currently TBD (formerly CJ Elliot) and drummer Dale Payne. Vocally, Tish has a voice similar to that of Joan Jett with less rasp and the power, range and clarity of Pat Benatar. On stage, she is said to be an explosive, high energy force that grabs the audience from song one and does not let go until the last note has been played. Definitely not surprising by listening the music alone. On guitar is Andrew Owens who is a freakin’ bad-ass PLAYER. His styles seem to be endless. Punk, Metal, Rock, Blues and shred. It is all there, and all done to absolute perfection! While bass players and drummers have drifted in and out over the years, all have been really good and fit well with 3 Kisses various lineups. Bass parts on the new album are spectacular; playing long, shred-like runs while maintaining perfect tempo and rhythm line. Recently married drummer Dale Payne, has also added a heaviness that has been less prevalent in previous releases. All in all, a musical tour de force with influences ranging fromFrank Zappa and Led Zepplin to Joan Jett and the Go–Gos, to The Cranberries and Blondie all the way to Korn, Tool and Marilyn Manson assuring that their fan base is diverse and spread across just about every genre of music fan out there.
Having earned sponsors/endorsements from Jagermeister, Paul Reed Smith Guitars, Dirtbag Clothing, Daisy Rock Guitars, Miller Lite, Dunlop, Coffin Case, GoGirls Music, Texas Independent Musicians, Music Gorilla, Old Dog Products and Powered by Sam Ash, you can expect to love much, if not all of 3 Kisses music. With recently released“Angels Bleed Black” darker and heavier leaning towards Hard Rock or traditional Metal, 3 Kisses continues to evolve and morph into a do it all monster of a band!


released August 1, 2016

Tish Meeks - frontwoman, lead vocals, backing vocals, songwriter
Drew Owens - lead guitar, rhythm guitar, backing vocals, songwriter, album artwork
Dale Payne - drums



all rights reserved


3 Kisses Wasilla, Alaska

Alaskan grown, energetic front woman Tish Meeks and her hard-hitting band 3 Kisses have performed more than 1000 live shows, wrenching out their crisp, thought provoking, and well-written pop-punk/hard rock style of music. Strong, gritty, with a tone that is tailor-made for the rock industry, 3 Kisses is the next big thing.
The band embarks on a national tour in the Spring/Summer of 2017.
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Track Name: Lovesick Ending
I painted a picture perfect day
Invited you to join me on the journey of the century
But you went another way
I created a catastrophe proof life
It would never get old as we watched the years unfold
I backed right into the knife

Pre Chorus:
It can never be that simple
Got a running start and tripped on the details

Set fire to the pages that we wrote together
Cauterize forever with a glowing ember
There are no words to take us back to the beginning
Another sob story with a lovesick ending

So convinced you were worth the wait
I did everything you asked of me, hoping ever patiently
I watched it all disintegrate
I felt the shock in electric waves
Blindsided by betrayal, that final blow was fatal
Someday you’ll get what you gave

How easy I was to replace
Staring down the agony, I’m just another casualty
Penciled in and then erased
Once again I find myself alone
No more safe haven it’s a dead end destination
I’m left here and you’re gone

Copyright 2016 Stolen Kisses Music (BMI)
Track Name: Angels Bleed Black
The glorious empire crumbles
Paradise reduced to nothing but rubble
The mighty are crawling
The mortal are stalling
Hell’s taking over while heaven is falling

Rancid air reeks of wrath
Red rivers carry rotting pacts
Days ablaze, scorched earth cries
Stone cold lips kiss salvation goodbye

Let fate reign down
The angels bleed black
Crying for help, help is not coming back
Let fate reign down
Help is not coming back
Keep crying for help
These angels bleed black

The inner circle is shrinking
Overlords bound by their own overthinking
Creatures of war, fools to the core
They’re fighting for less and they’re dying for more

Good mothers lay waste to evil sons
daughters draw strength to claim the throne
delicious greed of empty souls
Starving like dogs in bags of bones

Copyright 2016 Stolen Kisses Music (BMI)
Track Name: Bow To The Tyrant
There’s nothing kind about the human race
Where the zealots judge because they’re all afraid
Stripping us of our last shred of dignity
We’re glorified slaves, we’re all up for trade

Generate panic, call yourself an activist
Activate hatred, call yourself a pacifist
Pacify the enemy, call yourself a patriot
Patronize society, we’re going down in infamy

This is the last stand, we are the hanged man
From our deathbed, bow to the tyrant

There’s nothing fair about affairs of the state
Distracting us from our freedoms at stake
Banking on unwavering apathy
We’re all gonna pay, it’s not up for debate

Copyright 2016 Stolen Kisses Music (BMI)
Track Name: Better Off Gone
Cut these handcuffs from my wrists
Break the chains of habit
You’re not so easy to resist
If you insist I’ll make the effort

Leave me here in pieces craving your redemption
What does it take to get your attention?
Tomorrow’s a new day

I’m better off gone, life goes on and so will I
I’m better off gone, life goes on – watch me vanish
Beware the line you’ve crossed
I’m better off gone, life goes on – watch me vanish

Chase after conquests of my mind
Walk a fatal trail
You get ahead and then you fall behind
Silver lined in lessons of failure

Copyright 2016 Stolen Kisses Music (BMI)
Track Name: Shot Down 1000 Chances
You can forge all the truths
You believe in
do they align
with your souls darkest sins
Got what you wanted
Is it what you expected?
King of the useless
Infectious seduction

Lucky for you…Lucky for you....

Shot down a thousand chances
Cease and desist, why do you exist?
Shot down a thousand chances
How far can you stretch? push it over the edge
Now your number’s up
You’re down for the count

You can justify careless
Recklessly gloating your own satisfaction
Took what you craved
Long for what you rejected
Lord of the failures
Wake of destruction

Copyright 2016 Stolen Kisses Music (BMI)
Track Name: Fired Up
Fired up

gonna get fired up, hear ‘em shout!
gonna get fired up, bring on another one!
gonna get fired up, hear ‘em shout
gonna get fired up, here comes another one!

Set the stage, lock your sights
Under the heat of these bright, white lights
Winner take all, step up or fall
Knock down, drag out
Too close to call

Come out fighting
Go down swingin’
Eye on the prize
In it to win it

This flame can rage all night
Under the flags of all the hyped up hype
Get up and go, bring on the show
Take down, break out
Strike the last blow

The time has come to fight this fight
Head in the game, tonight’s our night
Lay it all on the line, get in the zone
Stand out, Make it count
Drive it on home

Copyright 2016 Stolen Kisses Music (BMI)
Track Name: Open Up Your Mind

The world’s been trying to turn you bitter
For as long as you can remember
When your dreams come calling
Better heed their warning
Let the chaos be your guide
Get up – fly like a hero
Fall down – die like a zero
It’s ok to admit that you don’t know
Open up your mind

Don’t accept anything you’re told
Set it up so they can knock you down
What goes around never comes around
Let it eat you alive or walk away and let it go

What’s done is done
No sense in blaming anyone
Latch onto the fabric of
who you have become
What’s done is done
You’re not the only one
Who’s made a few mistakes that they
Wish they could outrun
Open up your mind
Open up your mind

It may seem hopeless, but it gets better
In due time you will discover
Redirect your power
To your finest hour
Take the obstacles in stride
Rev up – you’re flyin’ solo
Crack down – bring on the mojo
Head held high and own it like a pro

Copyright 2016 Stolen Kisses Music (BMI)
Track Name: Throw It All Away

Another fix for your addiction, Fill the void with poison
Can you mold this day into the glamour of perfection
Sweat out the fever, feel immune to the toxins
The words run together and you’ve run out of options
Release the panic and fade

Don't be concerned about a bridge being burned
when you didn't light the match
fight to the bitter end
Expire by fire, rise again

Listen for the beginning of a sudden change
Pieces don’t fit no matter how they’re rearranged
Screams of recollections, tell you to remember
Dead in August, buried in December
He who lives in a system that taught him
He who hides from the victim who caught him
Won’t confess to what he’s thrown away
Throw it all away, throw it all away

Another mark for your obsession, minimize the treason
How can someone be so cruel, he says he’s got his reasons
Scrap all the wreckage, strike the resistance
Everything you believed in can change in an instant
Unleash the power and fade

Copyright 2016 Stolen Kisses Music (BMI)
Track Name: Welcome To Hell
There is a shadow
That lives on the wall
It sees every motion
It hears every word
Look for its presence
find nothing at all
It smells arcane desire
It knows you play with fire

You’ll be found out,
You’ll be exposed
And it’s no one’s fault except your own

Stranger I bid you farewell
You’re a sick, sick beast
And it’s too soon to tell your tale
You can’t escape, can’t escape from yourself
Broken soul, fractured mind
Trapped in time, you fall behind
Welcome to hell
Welcome to hell

There is a ghost
That lives in your head
It melts your subconscious
It reads every thought
You scream at the voices
The voices are dead
Caring nothing for your pain
A phantom without a name

It may seem bad, but it’s gonna get worse
There is a dagger
That lives in your heart
Feels wounds you’ve inflicted
And beats to repay
You’d take it all back
If it wasn’t too late
Hear the echo of what you’ve done
Brace yourself for what’s to come

Copyright 2016 Stolen Kisses Music (BMI)